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Brands, Are You Missing Your Share of Hispanic Sales?

As a good Brand manager knows (or should know), the key to the Hispanic Household is the Latina Gatekeeper. And to reach that gatekeeper, Brands need more than just their English campaign. According to Nielson research “74% of the Latinas over the age of five speak a language other than English at home”, Spanish of course.

This means a good Hispanic campaign (in Spanish) is an effective way to reach the key Latina Gatekeepers. This campaign should be an integrated campaign that (at least) includes Spanish TV, Spanish radio, and Spanish social media, especially Facebook! Why include Facebook? Because research shows that Hispanic adults over-index on Facebook usage: 75% (Hispanics) vs 70% (white, non-Hispanic) according to Pew research. A good example of an integrate campaign like this is the campaign LMG Marketing did for CHI Haircare that included Spanish TV, Spanish social media and Spanish shopper marketing.

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