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In order to Increase Hispanic Sales know the Latina Gatekeeper

When it comes to increasing your Hispanic consumer sales, the key is the Latina gatekeeper. You need to get to know her.

The Spanish-dominant, Hispanic Latina consumer is overall, a very practical purchasing consumer. Income among Hispanics is lower than the U.S. average household and has more family members per household. Thus, every purchase has to be a smart, practical purchase. That is one of the key reasons the Spanish-dominant Latina gatekeeper is so brand loyal. Once she or her family members like a product or brand that works, she sees no reason to change, It works; I like how it tastes, my kids and/or husband like it, why should I change?

Obviously, trying a new product is a risk of wasting money. The Latina gatekeeper thought process is: “What if the kids don’t like it, and then I have to throw it away.” “What if it doesn’t work as well as my current product?” “I wasted hard earned, limited household money.”

This is why educating her about your product is so important. Tell her how it works, why it works better, and what it does better than any other product.

Electronic Spanish media such as TV and radio is very important and now, Spanish social media in can really help your product also Spanish-dominant incomplete sentence Hispanics. The 30-plus year old female, gatekeeper is very active on Facebook. In fact, there is extremely high usage of Facebook among the Spanish-dominant Hispanics of all ages, since they use Facebook to communicate with family members.

There is another key way to reach this consumer besides Spanish electronic media (TV and Radio) and Facebook; it is using Experiential Marketing and Retail Activation. In this arena, if your marketing efforts have properly trained brand ambassadors, you can educate and thus convince the Spanish-dominant Hispanic who has heard about your brand to try your products. Ensure they are engaging the consumer and explaining the attributes and benefits of your product.

Make sure your experiential marketing and retail activation efforts are fun, entertaining, and/or very educational on something the gatekeeper or household needs. Make sure your efforts are welcoming and engaging.

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