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Mobile is helping level the playing field for Hispanics!

Mobile is helping level the playing field for Hispanics!

In the past, research showed Hispanics including students, had much less access to computers and the internet at home. It showed that many Hispanics only had access to internet at work or school, but nothing at home. Well, thanks to mobile phones, Hispanics are now just as connected as non-Hispanics. In fact, according to Nielson, “Hispanics are the most avid smartphones users around; they are on their phones 14 hours a week for applications, audio, video and website purposes”.

There has been tremendous growth in internet usage by Spanish Dominant Hispanics and Immigrants which in the past had the lowest usage. Spanish Dominant Hispanics internet usage grew from 51% to 78% between 2009 to 2014 according to Pew, all probably due to smart phones. And when it comes to Hispanic Millennials, 94% of 18-29 years old now use the internet via mobile device according to Pew.

More Hispanics mobile usage facts:

  • 64% of Hispanics are using their phones for banking or bill pay vs non-Hispanic

  • Hispanics more likely to “share” a brand or company’s campaign message

  • Hispanic adults over-index on Facebook usage; 75% vs 70% of white, non-Hispanics. (Pew)

  • 82% of Hispanic Millennials 18-29 years use Facebook. (Pew)

  • 55% of Hispanic Millennials 18-29 years use Instagram. (Pew)


o what does this mean for you so you seize this opportunity to increase your Company’s and/or Brand’s sales:

  • Develop or expand your Hispanic social and mobile strategy

  • Create content for your Hispanic social messaging that resonates with Hispanics

  • ”Focus Hispanic hot buttons;”

  • Features and benefits that address the Hispanic demographics and lifestyle.

  • Develop a separate “Latino/Español” social media platform and strategy directed at Spanish Dominant U.S. Hispanics.

(Note: Check out CHI Español Facebook as a good example of a Latino strategy directed at Spanish Dominant Hispanics)

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