Drive Sales with Hispanics with Fresh, CleanScents

Hispanics are very conscious about fresh scents, in their laundry detergents, household cleaners, body soaps, body and facial lotions, etc. While many non-Hispanics may like soft scents, we Hispanics enjoy a little stronger scent that smells fresh and clean. Many of us have fond memories of how our bathrooms smelled fresh and clean right after someone took a shower using “traditional” Zest, Dial, Palmolive, and other similar body soaps. You can still see us at grocery stores smelling the soaps, body washes, body lotions as we choose which one we will buy.

Below are some statements that we hear from latinas and latinos on their feelings about fresh and clean scents.

“I love soap that makes me smell fresh and clean”.

“I like soap that leaves a clean and fresh smell after I shower in the bathroom”.

“I want my hair to smell fresh and clean when people hug me”.

“I use laundry detergents that make my clothes smell fresh and clean when people hug me”.

“I use household cleaning products that leave a fresh and clean scent throughout my house”.

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